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Our journey into the world of breeding Curly Coated dogs began with a deep conviction in the importance of creating happy and healthy homes for these unique animals. The sense of responsibility towards this beautiful breed and the desire to share our love for them compelled us to start our own breeding kennel. We saw in this not only an opportunity to work with magnificent dogs but also a chance to change the lives of families, making them even happier.

Another key motivation for us was the desire to preserve the uniqueness of the breed and to produce healthy and robust generations. We carefully monitor the genetic heritage and health of each puppy, using only the best representatives of the breed for breeding. Our work with these dogs is not just our hobby but also a mission to ensure that they continue to bring joy and impress their owners in the future.

Breeding Curly Coated Retrievers is more than just a job for us. It's a lifestyle that fills our hearts with joy and a sense of purpose. We strive for every puppy born in our kennel to know that their life begins with love, care, and the best conditions possible.

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